Principal's Message

Touching Base with the Herndon Community

Dear Herndon Families,

I am very proud to be able to join this community as the new principal of Herndon High School. Since I began my work one week ago, I have felt so welcomed by you and your students. I’ve seen students competing, performing, and learning and I have been very impressed by their work. While I realize I have a long way to go getting to know everyone, I couldn’t be more proud of the determination and positivity I’ve already witnessed. There is a tremendous sense of community in our school, which I know would not be possible without the continued involvement and support of you, our Hornet Families.

While my work at Herndon has only begun, I have recognized some processes I will be shifting and improving right away. We already send weekly Keep-In-Touch messages about school news and events. We will keep this process in place so you can continue to receive these updates and announcements. Be sure to sign up to receive these Keep-In-Touch (KIT) messages.

I will also be adding an addition called “Hornet Highlights” so you will be able to see more of what happens in and around school, beyond regular school announcements. I am hopeful this will contribute positively to our sense of community and become a reliable source of communication from the school. To prevent you from having to dig through your emails to find information, we will also be posting the content of our weekly messages on our school website in an easy-to-find place. We will be working to update our overall school website design throughout the school year as well. Be sure to let us know how we are doing.

We will continue our efforts with Kids at Hope this year. We have been nationally recognized for our involvement for the past three years, which indicates both the importance and success of this program to our school and community. I, too, believe All students are capable of success. No exceptions!

I look forward to seeing you around school during meetings and events. Please feel free to introduce yourself to me when you see me. I am excited to work with you this year!


Liz Noto, Ed.D. Principal