News for You

Renovation is Looming

It’s coming. Renovation is right around the corner and we want to keep you informed about the progress and potential inconveniences as we go. This is the first of a series of newsletters to share important details with you, our school community. You may have seen some changes already with the arrival of several new trailers, but the work has yet to begin. We expect construction to officially begin in late fall or early winter this year. Construction will take place in 4 different phases. The time spent in each phase is dependent on several conditions and is relatively unpredictable. We are planning for a 2 year wait to complete Phase 1. 

The Phases

Phase 1

Add an additional wing to the rear of the building. Add an addition to the front of the building where the new library, main office, and administrative & counseling offices will be situated.

Phase 2

Renovate locker rooms, art rooms, and Gourmet Foods room. Expand the main gym and renovate the auxiliary gym.

Phase 3

Create new wrestling/gymnastics room, renovate music rooms and the auditorium. Update baseball and softball structures.

Phase 4

Modify the cafeteria, creating a “food court” design, renovate the stadium press box and complete tennis courts.

Kiss and Ride Patterns to Change

With all of the changes to the front and back of the building, you can only imagine the impact on our Kiss and Ride plans. This year’s addition of the trailers has provided a small preview of the plan during the first phase of construction, but more changes are scheduled to take place and some will take place with little or no warning. No matter what happens, we hope you know you can count on us to direct you through the backup and to keep the line moving as quickly as possible. 

The path around the back of the school has already been narrowed and provides only one-way access. That pattern will remain for the next few years. 

We will be painting a path to follow on the pavement to ease the Kiss and Ride transition. You can also depend on our Security Team to provide direction in person. And maybe it’s time for some new signage as well!

Community Partners

Herndon High School is part of an amazing community. The support we are receiving to help us through renovation has been incredible. Several community organizations have been working through the logistics of offering Herndon High School students the opportunity to park on their property beginning next year. The total number of additional available spaces is not yet final, but we are seeing many groups that are willing to come to our aid. Based on the feedback from families at our last Parent Coffee, we will be expanding our radius to include additional organizations that are a little further down the road. 

Parking Plan Ripples through Community

The parking situation will be seriously impacted through the first two phases of construction, so we had to make some big decisions at Herndon High School to make it all work. 

With the addition of the trailers and a planned fenced area to accommodate a new addition in the back of the building, Herndon will reduce the number of available student parking spaces from 377 to 90. The effect is less dramatic when you see that we usually sell only 250 of those available spaces each year. Still, how will we choose which students will park on campus? 

Next year, we will be introducing a lottery system to accommodate student parking requests. The lottery applications will be available beginning next week. Seniors will be chosen first based on parking availability on the school campus before this school year ends. In August, a second lottery will take place based on additional spaces acquired through our community (see Community Partnerships). Juniors will be selected once all seniors have a space. 

Neighborhood groups, like Homeowner’s Associations have expressed concern over the possibility of students parking through neighborhood streets. Students must remember that this parking is off-limits unless special arrangements are made by the school.  Large school events, like Back to School Night are also a concern. We will make some changes to our Back to School Night event beginning in the 2018-19 school year. This year’s event is safe from these new parking limitations. Carpooling is strongly recommended for other major school events, such as athletic events and concerts.

It Takes a Village...Of Trailers

Forty-six. That is the latest tally of trailers in the form of duplexes and quads that are being housed on campus to accommodate the movement of fifty classrooms as we kick off our renovation project. With the existing 27 trailers near the tennis courts that were established based on overall student growth, that makes more outdoor classrooms than indoor ones! If the walk to the bathrooms has you worried, an outdoor restroom facility will make its way here over the summer. 

Though construction will not actually be in full swing until December or January, staff will be packing up for the big move at the end of this school year. Our goal is to minimize disruptions throughout the next school year, so students will start the school year in the assigned trailers. While we cannot promise some immediate room changes will not happen occasionally throughout the renovation, we are working to reduce the impact of these changes as much as we can. 

So, expect to see a small city of classrooms behind the school for a few years. The trailers will be removed as we complete later phases of construction. Trust us when we say it will all be worth it in the end when we have a larger and more modern version of our very own Herndon High School.

Pictures from the renovation