AP Information

AP Exams and Fees

The May 2021 AP Exams will match the traditional published exam descriptions.  The College Board plans to support in-school testing in 2021 or will release a contingency testing option in the spring.  The fees for the first six AP/IB tests taken for courses in which students are enrolled for high school credit will be paid for by FCPS.  The College Board is not assessing the $40 cancellation fee, so AP students will have an opportunity to cancel an exam without a cancellation charge by March 1, 2021. 

AP Exam Opt-Out Form

AP Instructional Resources

All AP students must be enrolled in a MyAP class section to ensure teachers can use instructional resources and so that an AP exam can be ordered for the student.  In order to promote equitable student learning opportunities, AP teachers and students have access to online instructional resources on every topic and skill that is tested on an AP exam.  AP Daily, a series of learning videos available in AP Classroom and on YouTube, is a new tool this year. 

The AP/IB folder on the FCPS Return to School Hub for teachers is populated with resources for AP/IB. Subject specific AP/IB instructional resources for AP/IB courses that replace graduation requirements are located within the respective content areas on the site.