Chrome Sync For Students

February 23, 2021


Chrome Sync for Students

As part of FCPS’s ongoing effort to support student use of technology, Chrome Sync and the ability to save passwords will be available as an option starting on February 18th.  Students are not required to use Chrome Sync and save passwords, but may choose to them in order to:

  • reduce their log-in time.  
  • access bookmarks and extensions across devices.  

Chrome will remember and offer saved passwords when students are logging into different instructional applications. Chrome will also make bookmarks and extensions available on any device in which the student logs into Chrome and turns on Sync.

If your student would like to use Chrome Sync and save passwords, support resources are available on the FCPS website.  If your child is logging into Chrome now, they may need to log out of Chrome and log back in to see the new features.