Driver's Ed Updates

Mandatory Attendance for additional Monday classes: The State of Virginia mandates that students have 30 hours of synchronous classroom driver education.  Our current class schedule will leave students 6 hours short of the required the 30 hours of instruction.  Therefore, students will be required to attend 6 additional classes on Monday’s (Oct. 19, 26) from 9:15am to 10:30am to make up the time for certification.  Attendance is mandatory to meet licensing requirements. 

Partners for Safe Teen Driving (PSTD): Partners for Safe Teen Driving is a required 90 minute presentation that is part of the Driver’s Education program and will be held for each class.  It is required that both parent and student attend.  Attendance is mandatory and without attending the PSTD presentation student’s cannot receive their DEC-1 certificate of completion for the course.  Dates will be shared with your student’s class and parents will receive and email regarding the scheduled presentation.

Behind The Wheel

Behind the Wheel will be offered at Herndon HS with each session beginning on the following dates: Oct. 28 and Nov. 10.

At this time online registration for Adult and Community Education is unavailable.  We apologize for this inconvenience, we are working to make online registration available as soon as possible. 

Students can register by phone by calling the ACE Registration office at 703-658-1201.  The ACE Registration office is currently open Monday-Wednesday-Friday from mid-morning to mid-afternoon to answer phone calls and complete registrations.

Students can e-mail @email, provide your name, phone number and course you are interested in taking.  An ACE staff member will call you back to complete the registration process.