FCPSOn @ Herndon High School

FCPSOn Graphic

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Fairfax County School Board has directed Superintendent Brabrand to incorporate necessary funding in his FY 2020 Proposed Budget for FCPSOn’s expansion to all high schools. FCPSOn is a digital transformation initiative that provides students with access to one device to use for learning. Schools in the Chantilly Pyramid and eLearning Backpack high schools adopted FCPSOn as part of a pilot program in 2016. In the 2019-20 school year, all high school students, including those at Herndon High School, will have a device to use for learning.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for Herndon students! It will help ensure they have equitable access to technology and to instructional practices that support their development of Portrait of a Graduate attributes including communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Future employers will expect these skills, along with tech fluency and innovation, from tomorrow's workforce. FCPSOn helps prepare students to meet those demands.

We recognize the incredible responsibility that comes with a digital transformation. It includes teaching as well as modeling digital citizenship, so our students adopt safe, smart, and responsible online practices. It also means empowering students to make healthy, balanced choices regarding their device usage. FCPSOn reinforces these practices within the learning process and beyond. It creates a shared responsibility between school and home that thoughtfully supports students as they incorporate these new strategies.

Rest assured that devices will not replace teachers. On the contrary, FCPSOn provides ongoing, dynamic professional learning for teachers that will result in more purposeful and collaborative student learning experiences.

Please stay tuned for more information regarding our school’s adoption of FCPSOn. In the interim, you may visit the FCPSOn webpage for more information. Feel free to contact me or our technology specialist, Liz Smith (losmith@fcps.edu), with questions.



Elizabeth Noto, Ed.D.