First Day of School Reminders

August 27, 2017


Student Schedules on the First Day of School - Next week, Herndon High School will open its doors to more than 2,300 students for the 2017-18 school year. Our faculty is eager for the year to begin and we look forward to getting to know our students this year. While next Monday will be an exciting day for many, there are just a few items you need to be aware of regarding students' schedules.

Schedules - Monday, August 28th all students will receive a new copy of their schedule printed on red colored paper during their 1st period class. The red copy of student's schedules will supersede all previous versions. Staff members will be posted around the school with a list of all first period classes to assist students in finding the appropriate room.

  • Once students are in the classroom, their first period teacher will give each student a new schedule on red paper.
  • This is the schedule students should follow.
  • It is important that students carry their red schedules for every period of every day until Friday, September 1st.
  • Students will need to show all of their teachers their red schedule before they enter the classroom.
  • If a student arrives to school after first period, s/he should report to Student Services to receive a schedule.
  • If a student loses their red schedule, s/he will be directed to Student Services for assistance.

Finding Classes - During the first week of school, faculty will be out in the hallways to make sure that all students find their classrooms. Teachers also realize that a little extra time may be needed during this transition time in order for students to arrive.

Bus Stop - Please pay close attention to the bus schedule for the locations and times of morning/afternoon stops. Plan to arrive on time for your morning pickup. Buses typically will not arrive early, but the first couple of weeks late morning pickups are not uncommon. Don't worry ... they will get to your stop. Traffic and new route patterns also may result in some delays. Afternoon buses will be held longer at Herndon this week in order for students to become familiar with catching their bus. There will be plenty of faculty/staff on hand to ensure that all students know where their bus is located.

Getting to School - We encourage everyone to ride the bus, especially the first few weeks of school. If you absolutely need to drive, plan to leave an extra 15-30 minutes earlier than your normal routine. The traffic volume, coupled with new parents and students unfamiliar with our drop-off and parking procedures, can create a very unpleasant start for the school year. It is very important for students to remember their bus route number.

Lockers - Lockers will be very limited during the 2017-18 school year due to renovation. Consequently, lockers will only be assigned to our 9th grade students. Any other student who requires a locker can request one using the following form here. Once the request is received, a locker will be assigned to the student on an individual basis.