Food for Neighbors - Thanksgiving Meals

October 25, 2019
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Herndon High School is partnering with Food For Neighbors to provide Thanksgiving Meals for students identified as struggling with hunger.  FFN has a goal to provide 250 meals to local familiesWe can put together a complete meal for a family for only $50. It’s an ambitious goal – we’ll need to raise $12,500 to do it. But your donation, combined with those of friends and neighbors, will make it happen. We’re off to a great start with a few supporters already donating over $1,600!

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, can you donate today and provide one or more meals to these families? How about while you’re reading this message? We have made donating incredibly fast and easy. It’ll take less time than it takes to read this message. You can even do it on your phone.  Simply click here to donate with a credit or debit card (or PayPal).

Your gift is tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt from us within a few days of making your donation.

Thank you for helping Food For Neighbors provide Thanksgiving Meals to local families in need. We truly appreciate your generosity towards our local community.

Please visit our website for more information and contact us if you have any questions:

Thank you!                

Karen & Mark Joseph

Co-Founders Food For Neighbors