Grading Flexibility

Grading Flexibility Update

We are writing to share an update regarding the secondary grading policy changes that have been adopted to help our students achieve a strong finish to the school year.

FCPS is adjusting the grading policy for the 2020-21 school year to ensure students are not penalized by the challenges brought on by pandemic learning. 

Key policy changes for high school students are listed below:

  • Final Exam flexibility that ensures an exam can only serve to improve a student’s grade for the year. Teachers will apply this in their grading practices for each class.
  • Use of No Mark, “NM”, instead of “F” grades for all courses. This will be automatically applied for any course in which a student receives an “F.”
  • Allowing high school students to select a mark of “P” for pass for up to two courses for which a passing grade is earned for the final mark. As referenced above, for the 2020-21 school year, final marks of “F” will automatically receive a No Mark, “NM.” 
    • Action Needed: Should you wish to designate one or more courses as Pass - No Mark status, the form must be submitted to your school counselor by May 17th for seniors and June 1st for underclassmen. Please note that we have extended the previous deadline to allow more time for students and families to gain more information about their fourth quarter progress before making the decision to request a “P”. 
    • The course title is required on the form, but the course number may be left blank if you do not have it available.  If you require assistance completing the form, please reach out to your school counselor.

Students and families are encouraged to carefully consider the option for Pass. Additional information including translated forms, considerations, and frequently asked questions are available at the following link: