Library News and Events

September 18, 2018
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From the Library:

  • Parent volunteers are so important! We’re in tighter quarters this year with the renovation, and face extra challenges with keeping shelves in order. If helping out in a busy, vibrant library for an hour every week or two sounds appealing to you, please contact us at No prior experience is required!
  • Battle of the Books is back at Herndon High School for a second year! Many of our students had a great experience with this team event at Herndon Middle School, and we’re excited about continuing the fun at the high school level. We’ll know soon which of our amazing staff members will be coaching . Students who want more information can stop by the library or email us at
  • Did you know that if your student has library obligations that are $3.00 or greater, you can pay via MySchoolBucks? Contact us at the above-referenced email address if you’d like to check your student’s account.