News from the Library

January 04, 2018

The weather is cold and wintry, making it the perfect time to participate in Herndon High School’s Winter Reading Challenge! Through the end of second quarter, students will receive a virtual entry ticket each time they complete one of 15 options outlined on the Library’s Blackboard page. All students who participate will enjoy a cake celebration immediately after second quarter, and one lucky student’s name will be drawn to win a bag of YA books including signed copies from 3 bestselling authors!

Battle of the Books is in full swing at Herndon High School! Many of our students had a great experience with this team event at Herndon Middle School, and we’re excited about continuing the fun at the high school level. It’s not too late to join one of the teams coached by several of our amazing teachers. Students who want more information about joining a team can stop by the library or email us at