Virtual Curriculum Fair

Page Last Updated: December 16, 2022

Welcome to our Virtual Curriculum Fair for the 2023-2024 school year. Please review the videos and materials below for details on our course offerings.  This information will be instrumental during academic advising and course selection in January, February and March.

Navigating Tips

As you navigation through the courses, some links will open in a new window and others won't. Be sure to hit the back button (not close X) so you can return back to the list of courses. Another option is to right-click on the course and select, "Open in a new tab".

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Advanced Academics

Advanced Academics Overview

Questions about Advanced Academic courses? Please contact:

Career & Technology Education (CTE)

Business & Information Technology


Design, Multimedia, and Web Technology

Information Systems and Advanced Information Systems


Family & Consumer Sciences

Child Development and Parenting

Early Childhood Careers

Food & Hospitality

    Life Planning and Nutrition & Wellness for 9th graders\

    Nutrition & Wellness Full Year

      Teachers for Tomorrow I

      Teachers for Tomorrow II


      Sports and Entertainment Marketing

      Questions about CTE courses? Please contact:

      Lauren Spector - CTE Department Chair

      Dual Enrollment

      Dual Enrollment Overview

      Questions about Dual Enrollment? Please contact:


      Advanced Composition (The Herndon Writing Center)

      AP English Literature and Composition

      AP Language and Composition

      English 12 Dual Enrollment

      Journalism (The Stinger)

      Yearbook (Photojournalism)

      Questions about English courses? Please contact:

      Kate Hutton - English Department Chair

      Fine and Performing Arts


      3D Studio Art Presentation

      AP 2D Design - Photography

      Digital Art Presentation

      Photography 1

      Photography 2

      Photography 3

      Photography 4

      Studio Art & Design (levels 1-AP) Presentation

      Music Arts

      AP Music Theory

      Herndon High School Band

      Herndon High School Choir

      Herndon High School Guitar 

      Herndon High School Orchestra

      Theatre Arts

      Theater Program

      Questions about Art courses? Please contact:

      Tammy Morin - Fine and Performing Arts Department Chair






      Math Courses

      Algebra 1

      Algebra 2 vs AFDA

      Algebra 2 vs Algebra 2 Honors

      AP Statistics




      Probability & Statistics

      Trigonometry Discrete

      Computer Science

      Learn about all of our Computer Science Course offerings through this video from Mr. Barber.

      • AP Computer Science Principles
      • AP Computer Science A
      • Advanced Computer Science AB

      Questions about Math courses? Please contact:

      Tracy Glazier - Math Department Chair



      Naval Junior Officer Training (NJROTC)

      Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC)

      A voluntary program with no military obligation that promotes teamwork, honor, self-discipline, courage, leadership, and commitment

      Participate in NJROTC while still being active in other activities including sports, band and clubs More than just a class; five optional afterschool opportunities: Drill, Rifle, Orienteering, Academic and Marksmanship Teams Opportunities for: community service, leadership roles, field trips to military bases and historical and educational sites Featuring subjects such as astronomy, oceanography, meteorology, navigation, maritime history, citizenship and leadership.

      Benefits of NJROTC Participation

      • Improve your chances of graduating
      • Stands out on college applications
      • Opportunities for college scholarships
      • Make new friends for life
      • Learn skills that will help you forever

      Questions about the NJROTC program? Please contact:

      Captain James O’Keefe - NJROTC Senior Instructor

      Health & Physical Education

      Questions about Health & PE courses? Please contact:

      Joanna Quirine - Health & PE Department Chair


      AP Biology

      AP Environmental Science



      Geospatial Analysis Dual Enrollment (JMU)

      • Presentation
      • Dual Enrollment Details
        • Optional 3 college credits ($279)
        • 1-point GPA bump
        • Digital mapping using ArcGIS software
        • Project-based

      Human Anatomy & Physiology

        Questions about Science courses? Please contact:

        Katharine Page - Science Department Chair

        Social Studies

        AP European History

        AP Human Geography

        AP World History


        Dual Enrollment - World History 

        Political Science



        US/VA History

          Questions about Social Studies courses? Please contact:

          Jane Kortan - Social Studies Department Chair

          World Languages




          Questions about World Language courses? Please contact:

          Ophelie Butts

          World Language Department Chair


          Meet your Herndon High School Counselors

          Student Last Name


          A - Bri

          Elizabeth Kinan

          Bro - Dr, AVID

          Kie Anderson

          Du - Hen

          Shannon Kamenick
          Her - L Randi Fortier

          M - Pe

          Meghan Azzara

          Ph - Se

          Kelly Ginieczki

          Sh - Z

          Matthew Dell'Orso
          ELP Level 1 & 2, A-K Athena Sotirchos

          ELP Level 1 & 2, L-Z

          Wendy Labenow
          Projects Samantha Kramer


          View our full staff on the Student Services page.

          Academic Advising and Course Selection Timeline

          Rising Freshmen Events

          • January 3 - Virtual Curriculum Fair is live
          • January 3 - Academic Advising Presentation, Langston Hughes MS
          • January 4, 5 - Academic Advising Presentation, Herndon MS
          • January 11 - Academic Advising Presentation, Rachel Carson MS
          • January 11 - Academic Advising Presentation, St. Joseph's School
          • Feburary 24 - All rising freshman course selections in SIS

          Rising Seniors Events

          • January 9, 11 - Rising Senior and ELLs Level 1 & 2 Junior Academic Advising Presentations, 4th Period, Various Locations
          • January 13 - 30 - Rising Senior Course Selection through English 11 and ELD Level 3

          Rising Junior Events

          • February 1, 3 - Rising Junior and ELLs Level 1 & 2 Sophomore Academic Advising Presentations, 4th Period, Various Locations 
          • February 6-14 - Rising Junior Course Selection through English 10 and ELD Level 2

          Rising Sophomore Events

          • February 15, 17 - Rising Sophomore and ELLs Level 1 & 2 Freshman Academic Advising Presentation, 4th Period, Various Locations
          • February 21 - March 1 - Rising Sophomore Course Selection thorugh Science and ELD Level 1


          • March 6 -10 - Make-up course selection
          • March 10 - All course selections entered in SIS
          • Before March 11 - Requests for course changes honored
          • March 11 - June 11 - No course selection changes permitted

          Course Selection Sheets

          Course Catalog for School Year 2023-2024

          FCPS Graduation Requirements

          Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment (DE) Expectations for 2023-2024

          Directions to Register for Classes on SIS StudentVUE

          Directions to Register for Self-Directed Economics and Personal Finance: Summer Learning

          Summer is a great time to fulfill the Economics and Personal Finance course requirement. Visit the FCPS Self-Directed Economics and Personal Finance: Summer Learning page to find out more.