Herndon High School Parking Regulations

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Click the printable link above to access the document, or pick up from the Herndon High School Security Office. This form must be turned in to receive a parking permit.


(Form #3)

  1. Student vehicles parked on HHS must be registered with the HHS Security office. Students may only park in their assigned space and/or assigned parking lot.  If a student has a parking concern, he/she should notify security immediately upon arrival at school.  Do not park in another person’s parking space.  A current HHS parking permit must be clearly displayed from the rear-view mirror or the front left-hand corner of your windshield of your vehicles while parked at HHS.
  2. Any disputes concerning parking tickets must be brought to the attention of the security office within 5 days of the issue date of the ticket. Remember: When you received your parking permit, you were asked if you understand all “rules” and “regulations” that come with parking on school grounds. This written and advanced notice is your 1st and only warning.
  3. Students are expected to obey all traffic laws and drive courteously while on school grounds.  Students may lose parking privileges for improper driving at the discretion of an administrator.
  4. There will be a $15.00 fee to replace a lost, stolen or damaged parking pass.
  5. Students cannot leave school grounds for any reason without an official checkout pass.  Students cannot return to their vehicles during the school day without an official school pass.  Students who violate this policy will lose all parking privileges for 15 school days on the first offense and all parking privileges for the remainder of the school year on the second offense.  This includes both drivers and passengers.  Administrators reserve the right to revoke parking privileges for the remainder of the school year on the first offense.
  6. All vehicles parked in violation of any parking regulation are subject to being ticketed, towed or booted at the discretion of the administrative staff.  Vehicles may be towed/booted for outstanding parking fines or multiple parking violations.  Booted vehicles will have the boot removed after all parking fines have been paid in full.  The vehicle owner is responsible for any towing/storage fees if a vehicle is towed. 
  7. Student vehicles parked on HHS property or local church property are subject to a consent search upon request.  The owner, operator or passenger of any vehicle with an assigned HHS parking space consents to such search as a condition of obtaining the school/church parking assignment.
  8. Students should not park in the Visitor Parking spaces at any time unless directed to do so by security staff.  Academy students are not considered to be visitors and should not park in the visitor’s parking area.  Students must promptly report to security any unauthorized vehicles parked in their assigned parking space.
  9. Student parking spaces are non-transferable.  Only the student(s) assigned to the parking space by security may use the parking space.  Any violation may result in the revocation of parking privileges.
  10. Parking fees will not be refunded when parking privileges are revoked or suspended.
  11. Parking privileges can be suspended or permanently revoked at any time by an administrator for disciplinary reasons including but not limited to behavior, attendance, and school grades.
  12. Parking fines are as follows: failure to properly display HHS parking permit $25.00; all other parking violations are $25.00 for the first violation, $50.00 for the second and any subsequent violations.  This does not include any parking violations written by the Fairfax County Police Department.
  13. Students/visitors should not park on the sidewalk, grassy areas, medians, fire lanes or in the alleys at any time.  Vehicles need to be parked only in areas designated for parking.  Do not create a parking space where one does not exist.  This includes parking for after school activities.
  14. Students must always maintain a valid driver’s license during the school year if they have an HHS parking assignment.  If you lose your privilege to drive, you will lose you parking assignment.
  15. Parking fines must be paid within 30 days of the issue date of the parking ticket.  Vehicles with more than one outstanding parking violation are required to pay all parking fines immediately and are subject to being booted or towed on sight.  Student parking may be suspended or revoked for outstanding parking fines.
  16. Students with suspended parking privileges who continue to park on school grounds during their suspension period will have their parking privileges revoked for the remainder of the school year.
  17. Parking on HHS property is at your own risk.  HHS/FCPS is not responsible for any damage or theft which takes places while parked on school property.  We do not recommend leaving vehicles parked on school property overnight or on weekends.  


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   Parent Signature                                     Date                      Student Signature                                           Date

The signatures above indicate that both the parent/guardian and student have read and understand all HHS parking regulations.  The parent/guardian and the student understand the parking policy and will comply with the HHS parking regulations.