College Recommendations

Many colleges do not require recommendations. Some colleges require a specific number of recommendations from specific sources (i.e., one teacher or the counselor). With very few exceptions, it is NOT in the student's best interests to submit more recommendations than requested. With a very high volume of applications, admissions committees do not have time to read repetitive letters! Recommendation letters are confidential and are not shared with the student or parent.

Teacher recommendations are generally requested verbally by the student at the end of junior year or very early in senior year. At least 4 weeks prior to the earliest application deadline, the student should provide the teacher with:

  • the completed Teacher Recommendation Form (please ask your counselor for the form)
  • a resume or student activity record or other information the teacher might request
  • a stamped, addressed business envelope to each college to which the student plans to apply. The bottom left corner of the front of the envelope should include: "RE: Student's full legal name." The return address is Herndon High School.
  • The student should paperclip these documents together with an attached note with his/her name along with the names and deadlines for each college. Be certain to express your sincere appreciation to your teacher.

Counselor Recommendations are requested by submitting a completed Counselor Recommendation Packet. Students must submit the request for a counselor recommendation at least 4 weeks prior to the application deadline.

IMPORTANT: If your counselor has given you instructions that differ from these general guidelines, please follow your counselor's instructions. Recommendation Packets are available in Student Services or by directly contacting your counselor.

Recommendation Request Deadline

Four weeks before first college deadline, no later than November 1st.