Tutoring Resources

Herndon High School has multiple resources to support students throughout the year. Open the accordion options below to find out how to access the help that will most closely match your needs.  

Classroom Teachers

Teachers are available during Stinger and frequently afterschool to provide additional support.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are late bus days. Many teachers stay late on these days, but are also available other days of the week. Students and parents should reach out to their teachers directly to set up additional support. 

French Honor Society

  • What: Peer tutoring in French
  • When: Stingers 1, 2, and 6 and Thursdays 3-4 pm (by appointment through your French teacher)
  • Where: B108

Math Honor Society

  • What: Any Math subject peer tutoring
  • When: Wednesdays and Thursdays after school (3:00-4:00pm)
  • Where: B218 
  • How: Reach out to Mrs. Osborne, Mrs. Glazier, or Ms. Henry for additional information.

Science National Honor Society

  • What: Any Science subject peer tutoring
  • When: Monday-Friday during Stinger, by appointment
  • Where: Student's Science Classroom
  • How: Reach out to Ms. Velicu if you are interested in having a tutor join you in your Science Stinger. Or ask your teacher to sign up to have a tutor join your classroom. 


Spanish Honor Society

  • What: Spanish peer tutoring
  • When: Stingers 1 and 6, Thursdays 3-4pm 
  • Where: Room B118
  • General Information: Come prepared with work to do or a quiz to study for and a Spanish Honor Society tutor will be available to help. 

Writing Center

  • What: All subjects that involve writing 
  • When: Monday-Thursday during all lunches (by appointment) and Thursday after school (no appointment needed)
  • Where: Room A101


Tutor.com: A Service of Princeton Review

Tutor.com offers high quality, FREE tutoring for all FCPS students 24/7 in multiple languages. When you log in, you can be connected with a tutor in as little as 30-40 seconds! There is no limit on how often you can access this resource. With this tool, you can: 

  • Ask for help on a specific skill, topic or question 
  • Schedule a tutoring session ahead of time 
  • Upload a resources (study guides, project instructions) so the tutor can target support
  • Upload a writing sample and get detailed feedback (including for your college essays!)

In addition to content support, all FCPS students also have FREE access to the Princeton Review SAT/ACT Essentials program for in-depth practice and preparation for the SAT/ACT, as well as prep support for the AP Biology, Calculus AB, U.S. History, World History tests. 

Tutor.com is available in all your Schoology courses. Access the links below to learn how to navigate the program and get the most out of it!