Testing for College

Herndon High School’s CEEB code is 471065

With few exceptions, colleges require SAT or ACT scores. Herndon High School do not send these scores to colleges! Students can request the scores be sent to colleges at the time of registration for an upcoming test or by going to the website after testing to request that the scores be sent. Remember that colleges expect scores to be received by the application deadline, so make sure to allow several weeks for the processing of your request. There is a fee involved with requests made after testing is completed; have a credit card ready. (A limited supply of registration and practice SAT booklets for all tests, except Advanced Placement tests, are available in the Career Center and the Student Services Office.  Most students register online to take SAT and/or ACT.) 

Special education students may request an extended time exam—see your counselor if you think you qualify.

Students who have taken the TOEFL should also request that the scores be sent to colleges