School Policies & Expectations


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Assignments & Grading

Grades can be found in SIS ParentVUE, and additional class information can be found on Blackboard ( using the same ParentVUE login information. Grades will be recorded and updated in SIS within 7 school days of the assignment due date; major projects/papers may require additional time.

There will be a minimum of 9 grades per quarter. Grades will be updated by the quarter mid-point. Teachers will communicate with families of students who are failing to inform them of ways they can improve their grade. No one assignment/assessment may count more than 30% of a given quarter grade.


Reassessments are available on most major assessments with a few exceptions (midterms, finals). The student’s highest score will be the score recorded in the gradebook. Practices specific to each class will be shared in the course syllabus.

Late Work

Per FCPS policy, late work will be accepted to document learning/mastery. Work that is not turned in will be coded as “NTI” and weighted as a zero in the gradebook; the deadline for turning in late work will be communicated to the student in the grade book. If the missing work is turned in during the late work window, it will be graded and the zero will be amended. If the missing work is not turned in by the late work deadline, it will be permanently recorded as a zero. Practices specific to each class will be shared in the course syllabus.


Grades are based on the Fairfax County School Grading Scale seen below. The year-end grading weights will be listed in the course syllabus.

A (93-100) = 4.0

A- (90-92) = 3.7

B+ (87-89) = 3.3

B (83-86) = 3.0

B- (80-82) = 2.7

C+ (77-79) = 2.3

C (73-76) = 2.0

C- (70-72) = 1.7

D+ (67-69) = 1.3

D (64-66) = 1.0

F (63 and lower) = 0.0

Communication of Student Progress

With the Student Information System (SIS), parents and students will have
access to grades through SIS ParentVue and StudentVue. Students and parents are encouraged to access SIS on a regular basis to get an update on grades. If students have questions about their grades, they are encouraged to contact the course teacher. Parents are also welcome to email the teacher who will respond within 48 business hours.

For additional information on the SIS ParentVue, please click on the following link:

For additional information on StudentVue please click on the following link:


Attendance IS EXPECTED! Being on time to class is important to Herndon High School. When students arrive to class on time, teachers can start class with minimal interruption and maintain the momentum of their instruction. It is essential to student learning and achievement that absences, even excused, be kept to a minimum.

Attendance is critical to student achievement. Students are fully responsible for completing any missed assignments. Each day of absence affords one school day of makeup work opportunity. Students have a maximum of ten days to make up work missed during an excused period of absence. However, the period of time allowed to make up work may be extended at the discretion of the teacher. Makeup work for excused absences is graded and recorded in the grade book by teachers without penalty to students. For an approved pre-arranged absence, a student may request assignments in advance of the absence. Teachers will provide regular or alternative assignments in advance of the absence, when feasible. Following any absence, including a prearranged absence, students should make arrangements with individual teachers for makeup work.

AP Courses

For students who pass an AP course, an additional 1.0 quality point will be added to the quality point value assigned to the final grade for purposes of calculating GPA. For example, a final grade of A in the course shall receive 5.0 quality points. No additional weight will be assigned to an F.

AP students are strongly encouraged to take the AP exam(s). This standardized examination is designed to measure content and skill mastery, and a successful score may earn credit and advanced placement in college.

FCPS will pay for six total AP or IB exams during a student’s academic career in FCPS. After six exams, students will be assessed a fee of $93 for an AP exam and $119 for an IB exam. Information for students who choose not to participate in an AP exam for a course in which they are currently enrolled will be provided later in the school year.

AP Economics, AP US & Comparative Government, and AP Physics C (one-credit course):
The curriculum for these courses is assessed through two separate AP tests. Because students are enrolled in one course that covers material for two tests, the related tests are considered as one test for the FCPS-funded test counts and fees.

Outside Reading

Please note that some of the books students will read this year may contain mature content and/or controversial material (i.e. offensive language, violence, and/or implied or explicit sexual situations). The resources listed below can be used to see book reviews and get more information about the books used in classes.

A parent or guardian can contact the teacher directly by phone or email if s/he would like to review any of these texts or request an alternate reading assignment.

Herndon Writing Center

The Herndon Writing Center (HWC) is a great resource for students seeking guidance with any and all writing assignments. The Herndon Writing Center will operate virtually this year. FCPS Google site is: (requires account to view). Trained peer tutors are available to help.

Questions? Contact Ms. Hutton [email protected] or Ms. Schmit [email protected] .


All students receive a laptop. The following expectations are in place:
P.R.I.D.E. (Participation, Respect, Integrity, Diligence, and Empathy)


  • Bring your laptop to school FULLY CHARGED each day
  • Use technology as, and when, directed by your teacher
  • Create a positive digital footprint


  • Give your full attention to the teacher and other students when they are talking
  • Turn off distracting notifications
  • Record/photograph others only with their permission
  • Stay on task when using the laptop in class


  • Be accountable for your device at all times

  • Use your device for learning


  • Treat your device as if it is your own

  • Keep food and drink away from your laptop

Honor Code

Students attending Herndon High School are expected to conduct themselves honorably in pursuit of their education. Cheating, misrepresentation/fraud, plagiarism, and theft violate ethical and moral rules of conduct and will not be tolerated at Herndon High School. Note: Both giving and receiving information is considered a violation of the Honor Code. The following table provides some examples these infractions:

Honor code chart

Consequences for Honor Code violations remain on a student’s record until graduation. The updated Herndon High School policy on student violations and consequences can be found in its entirety at: