Clubs and Activities

A note on Fundraising, Building Use and Field Trips

Fundraising is often used by clubs to support activities, while reducing the individual student's financial burden.  In order to maximize the impact of fundraisers, we attempt to schedule fundraisers in a way that they do not conflict with one another.  Please contact Mr. Frohm in the activities office for fundraising approval.

Building use reservations are currently online at the FCPS website for the community and on Blackboard for HHS Faculty and Staff. Please click the respective link for access.

Field trips enrich the study of classroom instruction, are an integral activity encouraged by Career & Technical Education Student Organizations and other organizations.  It provides students with great opportunities to travel locally, domestically and abroad, further developing content learned in the classroom. For additional information on field trips please click on the link below.

Clubs and Activities

Club Name



Class of 2019

Marvin Rodriguez

Gosia Bienkowska

Sara Van Dorn


Class of 2020

Jennifer Minchak

Jason Wellington


Class of 2021

Chris Gannon

Adam Wilkinson

David Lubensky


Class of 2022

Hope Spencer

Darrien Gore

Suzanne Huffman


American Veteran Support Group

Marvin Rodriquez

To raise the awareness of the effects of war on veterans and provide relief through discussions and activities.

Arabic Cultural Awareness

Tim Allen


Art Club

Tammy Morin

Enjoys art in the community through workshops, visiting artist's discussions, and field trips.

Athletic Training

Lisa Petruzzi



Kathleen Jacoby

Develops skills as individual musicians and as members of a musical group.

Book Club Kim Dare

All students are welcome at our student book club, where students have an opportunity to share books and develop a lifelong interest in reading. Students can stay up to date on local author events, and we usually have at least one author visit each year. Meetings are the second Monday of each month after school in the library.

Chamber Ensemble

Alexandra Touzinsky


Chess Club

David Yunker


Chemistry Club

Mrs. Petras

The Chemistry Club offers free Chemistry tutoring / open to all students.


Dana VanSlyke

College Partnership Program

Deb Pierce

Nurtures positive attitudes toward academic achievement. The primary goal and emphasis of the program is to increase the number of students who would be the first in their family to attend college.

Color Guard

Kathleen Jacoby

Laura Flyte

In the fall, the guard performs with the marching band. In the winter, Indoor Guard competes in several local and national competitions.  Winter Guard combines the elements of dance, equipment used during marching band and props to create a theatrical setting performed to pre-recorded music. Participation on the team may require try outs.

Comic Book Club



Computer Club

Stefan Jenczewski

Cyber Hornets Mr. Bedford Introduction to cyber-security, STEM, and computer engineering. Will take part in capture the flag activities.

Dance Team

Michelle Watson

A 12-20 member team composes and performs original dance routines for home football games, basketball games, and competitions, in the categories of pom and hip hop. There are tryouts for this Club and they are held in the Spring for the following school year.




Julie Pickering

David Petruzzi

Morgan Spencer


DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. It is an international organization for marketing students who wish to improve their communication, social, marketing and entrepreneurial abilities. It teaches students skills in a variety of marketing areas such as hospitality, finance, sales and service and business administration as well as enhancing their knowledge of technical and communication skills and human relations. The primary emphasis however is on gaining the experience to begin one's own business and become a leader.

Excel/Active Caring

Betsy Bosworth

Herndon High School students serve as volunteer tutor/mentors for identified students at Herndon Elementary School.

FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America)

Lauren Spector

Heather Palm

A national student organization that provides students with the opportunity to apply knowledge, practice leadership in the community and learn about themselves through the Family & Consumer Sciences curriculum, competition and organized events.

Filipino Club Mr. Sigeti

Raises awareness for the Filipino culture, allows discussions for current events in the Philippines and celebrates the Filipino heritage.

Habeshas of Herndon Mr. Griffin Members will learn about the Habesha culture, as well as that of Ethopia and Eritrea.
Herndon Red Cross Mr. Ayoub To develop leadership, knowledge, and life saving skills while providing service to the community and school.

Video Club/ Film Studies Club

Rene Carag

Tim Allen

Views and discusses award winning films in terms of quality in the areas of cinematography, mise-en-scene, editing, and sound quality.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Jamie Faure

Jennifer Margraff

FCA focuses on serving local communities around the globe by engaging, equipping and empowering coaches and athletes to unite, inspire and change the world through the gospel. 
Forensics Club

Ms. Yum


Teach students about forensic crime scene investigation.

Forensics - Debate

Tim Allen

Compete in several regional tournaments and a few invitational tournaments throughout the school year. The best description of what we do is competitive speech. On the Forensics team, you can compete in a variety of events ranging from Original Oratory—where you write and perform your own speech—to Dramatic or Humorous Interpretation—where you memorize and perform a ten-minute monologue from a book or play. As for the Debate team, you have the choice of competing in four different types of debate including Student Congress that runs a mock-Congress session at tournaments.

For The Win Mr. Collantes Tutor/host activities to help Herndon High School students from diverse backgrounds interested in academics to become more likely to become college bound.

French Club

Michelle Ancheta


French Honor Society

Ophelia Butts

Recognizes outstanding academic achievement of students studying French and is part of the national organization.

Future Business Leaders of America

Lauren Eckert

Rodney Bedford

Courtney Marshall

Ben Fox


Works with students to bring business and education of business and business related fields in a positive working relationship through innovated leadership and careers development programs. Students must be enrolled in a business course to join. Since FBLA is co-currircular, we have our meetings during business class time once a month.


Gardening Geeks

Vania Beight


Gay-Straight Alliance

Anthony Petras

Tim Allen

GSA is an organization formed by the student body to promote and educate awareness of the Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Trans-gendered community; we focus on fighting hate and ignorance concerning homosexuality.


Chris Cunningham

Hornet Best Buddies


Mrs. Khair

Mrs. Fontier


Hornet Best Buddies of Herndon High School promote friendships among students with special needs and the general student body.  We help students with special needs enhance their social skills by participating in general education student activities. Buddies meet once a week during lunch or stinger and once a month outside of school for a special activity.  Student sponsors are Jamie Fico and Jacob Bennett.  

Hornet Yearbook

Kathryn Hans


Interact Club

Maggie Stoltz


International Club

Raina Hasnain

Hala Zanoun

This club recognizes and celebrates the diverse community at Herndon High School. International Club, along with the Asian Club, arranges an International Night with food from various countries, followed by a talent show and a fashion show. The membership is open to all students!

International Thespian Honor Society

Rafael Schklowsky

Recognizes outstanding academic achievement of students studying drama and is part of the international organization.

It’s Academic

Kim Belknap

Prepares for academic tournaments during the school year.

Key Club

Alys Cross

Promotes school and community service

Latin Club

Bethany Abelseth

Enhances the Latin instructional program, allows students to meet other students taking Latin, and gets together for out-of-school activities.

Latin Dance Club

Walker de Llanas


To promote Latin Culture through dance.

Latin Honor Society

Bethany Abelseth

Promotes the study of Latin, recognizes the academic achievements of students studying Latin, and is a member of the National organization.

Math Team (Varsity and JV)

Becky Henry (V)

Liz Grozis (V)

Ram Mada (JV)

Emily Alwood (JV)

Participates in county and state math contests

Math Honor Society

Emily Alwood

Becky Henry

Jennifer Margraff

Recognizes outstanding academic achievement of students studying mathematics and is a member of the National organization - Mu Alpha Theta. Members offer free tutoring Monday afternoons after school.

Model U.N.

David Lubinsky

Yasmin Petras

Students roleplay as delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN proceedings.  Involves substantial researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

Muslim Student Association

Michelle Sawicky

Meredith Corsino

Provides activities to explore Islamic heritage and dispel stereotypes and promote unity.

National Art Honor Society

Tammy Morin

“National Art Honor Society is an organization for high school students in grades 9-12 who are currently enrolled in an art course and who maintain a B average in art class. We encourage high standards in school art programs and provide community service to the Herndon community both within and outside of the school environment.

National English Honor Society

Kate Hutton

Janice Jewell

The National English Honor Society is an honor society for students with an interest in and success in English. We don’t have regular meetings, but our service commitment is tutoring in the Herndon Writing Center – every Thursday after school.

National Senior Honor Society

Kie Anderson

The National Honor Society is comprised of juniors and seniors who have qualified academically (minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA for all high school work) and who have been selected by a faculty committee for their strengths in the areas of leadership, character, and service. Members are required to perform service hours and to attend all meetings.


Alexandra Touzinsky

Develops technical, ensemble, and disciplinary skills necessary for refined rehearsal and performance.

Plant Powered


Students can learn topics surrounding the Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyle.

Robotics Team


Olya Rachtchinine

Krystal Fung

Carol Treakle


Students expand their knowledge of science, engineering and technology through working with teachers, engineers, and other professionals as a team, to design and build two fully-functional robots, create a 3-D computer animated video, and accomplish other goals within a set 6-week time frame. Pre-competition season activities focus on team and skill building. Students and their creations compete in Regional and if successful, may also compete in National F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competitions. Post-competition season activities include off-season regional competitions and community outreach events.


Benjamin Keay

Award winning student literary magazine - includes stories, essays, poems and artwork created by HHS students. Submissions can be sent to: @email.

Spanish Honor Society

Charles Shea

Ben Pierson

Recognizes outstanding academic achievement of students studying Spanish and is a member of the National organization.

Step Team

Tiffany Murphy

Performing dance group, which uses hand and feet rhythmic patterns, military drills, and modern dance movements in their routines. Promotes academic, social and personal development of the group members. Try outs are held for this Club

The Stinger Dawn Crosson Herndon High School's very own school newspaper. To contact and for advertising space, email @email

Student Advisory Council

Jane Kortan

Advocates for students rights, improves the education and environment of the school system, and aids in the communication among students, administration, and the community.  Helps to plan student body activities throughout the school year.

Students Against Global Abuse


Studies and enlightens the public about environmental issues that affect the environment, and contributes to the school and business recycling environmental scholarship fund.

Student Government

Jane Kortan

Maximizes student involvement in school affairs through a democratic process. Helps to plan student body activities throughout the school year.


Kathleen Jacoby

Music Honor Society, which stands for Modern Music Masters.  Tri-M performs service activities throughout the music departments within the entire Herndon Pyramid.

Truth Be Told

Kenneth Kim

Bible Discussion

Young Democrats

Young Republicans

Meghan Jones

Steve Brown

Promotes the historical and contemporary philosophy, mission, and program platform of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, their candidates, and their constituents.

Young Entrepreneurs Mr. Petruzzi Members will work together to increase their entrepreneurial skills through a variety of different exercises and activities. 

Young Medical Pioneers

Dr. Ghashghaee