What is FCPSOn?

FCPSOn means that every high school student at Herndon has an FCPS-issued device. The goal of FCPSOn is to provide equitable technology access to all, students can engage in personalized, meaningful learning experiences.

Full details regarding FCPSOn, including examples of what classrooms look like when every student has a device, can be found at the FCPSOn site.

What is Portrait of a Graduate?

A goal of FCPS is to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate learning in more authentic ways. Teachers in FCPS are enhancing learning opportunities to include the attributes of Communicator, Collaborator, Ethical and Global Citizen, Creative and Critical Thinker, and Goal-Directed and Resilient Individual.

How can you support your student with Digital Citizenship to make smart choices with their device?

FCPS has curated resources to support conversations around digital citizenship with your students. Explore all of these resources that have been created and curated for you.



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