College and Career Center

College and Career Center Specialist

Deb Peirce  |    703-810-2486

The College and Career Center is located off Main Street.  For the most up to date information visit the Student Services Course on Schoology.  Parents may access Schoology with thier ParentVue account information.

The College and Career Center is a resource the Student Services Department provides to students and parents to assist them in developing a plan for the future that takes into account the student's interests and abilities, as well as prevailing trends in education, economy and job markets. The center has information (in the form of printed material, college and career speakers, computer software and internet sites) pertaining to two- and four-year colleges, graduate schools, vocational/technical schools, apprenticeship programs, civilian and military careers, financial aid, interest inventories, and volunteer/job opportunities.

All students are free to stop by during break, at lunch, and before or after school. Visits during class time require a pass from a teacher.

Parents are welcome, too! Parents, who are making a special trip to Herndon High School just to visit the Career Center, should call ahead to be sure that there are no classes scheduled to use the resource materials at the time of the visit.

Please take a moment to check out the comprehensive websites below which provides information on career planning, self-assessments, college selection and applications, military opportunities, ROTC, trade schools, apprenticeship programs and more! And be sure to check out the other pages here on our own HHS site.