College Transcripts

The college application process is not complete without the official high school transcript and it should be received by the college by the application deadline.  All high school records will be sent electronically when possible.

What we require from you by the transcript request deadline:

  • A Consent to Release Records Form signed by student and parent/guardian.
  • Transcript Release Form Transcript requests must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the college application deadline.  Students can add colleges at any time.
  • Fees Three transcripts are sent for free. There is a $5.00 charge for each additional transcript. HHS will accept cash, check (made to HHS) or payment through MySchoolBucks.

What we include with each transcript packet:

  • The official transcript through the end of junior year with the senior classes printed on the transcript.
  • The counselor recommendation (if requested).  Recommendation packets must be turned in by your counselors deadline.
  • The Secondary School Report. HHS uses a generic one accepted by schools. Do not bring in one provided by colleges.
  • The school profile which describes Herndon High School and our school system (FCPS)

What we do NOT include with the transcript packet:

  • SAT, ACT, TOEFL scores
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Any student applications related documents

Students are responsible for notifying the counselor when they wish for each transcript packet to be sent. Make sure your counselor knows when you want your packet to be sent to each college. Communication is imperative! Each counselor is assisting 50 or more seniors in this process. The student must inform the counselor in person that he/she is ready for the packet to be sent. Students, make sure you know your counselor's policy regarding notification.

Self Report Schools  Many schools are going to a system whereby students self report their grades.  These schools do need to be added to the goldenrod, and fees paid. Many schools require the SSR, a school profile and/or your counselors recommendation. Not to mention you may want them to receive a final transcript. 

Scholarship transcripts are requested by the student directly from the counselor and no fee is charged for sending them. The student must provide any associated forms at least 10 school days prior to the scholarship deadline.  If the counselor did not already write a recommendation and a recommendation is required for the scholarship, 4 week notification is required. Students must use the form for requesting transcripts specifically for scholarships.

Mid-year report / 7th semester transcripts are required by colleges so that they can evaluate a student's grades midway through Senior year. The report shows only the semester grade with a recalculated cumulative GPA (weighted), not quarter grades. The 7th semester grade reports are automatically sent to each college to which a transcript has been sent. The student does not need to prompt the counselor to send this report and the student does not need to submit any report forms that the college may have provided (we do not send them). If a student wishes to have a copy of the 7th semester report, he/she may drop by the counselor's office about two weeks after the end of 2nd quarter to request one. Keep in mind that these reports cannot be reprinted for late grade changes that reflect a change in GPA.

Final Transcripts are sent to the college the student has decided to attend and to any colleges where a decision may be pending (i.e., a student is active on a wait list). This information is obtained when Seniors complete the Senior Survey in early May.

Please stop by the Student Services Office to pick up the Transcript Request Form for Scholarships and the Transcript Request Form for College Applications.