College Transcripts

The college application process is not complete without the official high school transcript and it should be received by the college by the application deadline.  All high school records will be sent electronically when possible.

What we require from you before transcripts can be sent:

  • A Consent to Release Records Form signed by student (and parent/guardian if student is under 18 years).  This only needs to be done once.
  • Transcript Request Form Found on Schoology.  Once submitted transcripts will be processed. 
  • Fees are no longer collected for requests by current students to support the college application process.

What we include with each initial transcript packet:

  • The official transcript, through the end of junior year, with updated GPA and senior classes printed on the transcript.
  • The counselor recommendation (if requested).  Recommendation packets must be turned in to your counselors by their deadline.  
  • The Secondary School Report. HHS uses a generic one accepted by schools. Do not bring in one provided by colleges.
  • The school profile which describes Herndon High School and the FCPS profile which describes our school district.

School documents for the current year are finalized after the second week of school.  To ensure nothing is omitted from your application, and your school receives the most up to date information, we will not process requests over the summer. Please be patient the first few weeks of school.  Sending transcripts before they are ready will require sending an updated document and could cause delays in review by your college.

What we do NOT include with the transcript packet:

  • SAT, ACT, TOEFL scores
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Any student applications related documents

Important deadlines:

The Transcript Request form needs to be returned to your counselor 4 weeks before the application deadline

Application Deadline Transcript Request due to Counselor
October 15 October 1
November 1 October 1
November 15 October 15
December 1 November 1
December 15 December 1
January 1 or 2 December 1
February 1  January 6
Rolling Within 2 weeks of submitting application

Other things to know:

Students, make sure you know your counselor's policy regarding transcript requests. Students are responsible for entering colleges in Naviance (Colleges I'm Thinking About tab) and returning the transcript request form in a timely fashion.  Communication is imperative! Each counselor is assisting 50 or more seniors in this process and each may have their own routine. 

Self Report Schools  Many schools are going to a system whereby students self report their grades.  These schools need to be included in your transcript request in order for schools to receive other documents to support your application.  

Scholarship transcripts Contact the Transcript Office if you need an official transcript for a Scholarship application.

Note: Unofficial transcripts are now available on StudentVue and ParentVue.  

7th semester transcripts are required by colleges so that they can evaluate a student's grades midway through Senior year. This transcript includes your senior year semester grades and a recalculated cumulative GPA (weighted). Quarter grades are not included. The 7th semester transcript is automatically sent to each college to which an initial transcript was sent. The student does not need to prompt the counselor to send this transcript and the student does not need to submit any report forms that the college may have provided (we do not send them). Students should contact their counselor if they would like a copy. Keep in mind that these transcripts will not be reprinted or resent for late grade changes that reflect a change in GPA.

A Final Transcript will be sent to the college the student has decided to attend and identified when completing Senior Survey in May. Students may select one additional school where a decision may be pending (i.e., a student is active on a wait list).  NCAA will receive a transcript if it is selected to receive one on Senior Survey and has been entered on the request form.