Advanced Placement Courses

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AP Course Information

For students who pass an advanced placement (AP) course, an additional 1.0 quality point will be added
to the quality point value assigned to the final grade for purposes of calculating GPA. For example, a final grade of A in an AP course shall receive 5.0 quality points. No additional weight will be assigned to an

Students are strongly encouraged to take the AP exam in May. This standardized examination is designed to measure content and skill mastery and a successful score may earn credit and advanced placement in college.
FCPS will pay for six total AP exams during a student’s academic career in FCPS. After six exams, students will be assessed a fee of $93 for an AP exam. Information for students who choose not to participate in an AP exam for a course in which they are currently enrolled will be provided later in the school year. 

The curriculum for this course is assessed through two separate AP tests:

  • AP Economics
  • AP US & Comparative Government
  • AP Physics C

Because students are enrolled in one course that covers material for two tests, the related tests are considered as one test for the FCPS-funded test counts and fees.