Post-Secondary Planning

Finding  a Job

Successful job hunting refers not only to finding a job, but also to finding the best job possible and having a successful interview. When employment is plentiful this may not present a problem; but when jobs are scarce, you may have to think creatively and investigate many sources. Listed below are suggested resources:

  • Relatives, friends, and neighbors
  • Counselors and teachers
  • College/Career Resource Centers
  • Help wanted ads and bulletin boards
  • Virginia Employment Commission
  • Civil service, county, state, and federal agencies
  • Private employment agencies
  • Walk-in inquiries
  • Job fairs
  • Trade journals and directories (available in the library)
  • Fellow employees
  • Contacts made through volunteer activities
  • Online job bulletin boards

How to Compete Successfully

  • Develop a list of businesses that usually hire people with your skills and ask for an interview.
  • Do not wait for businesses to advertise. Be assertive.
  • Do not underestimate smaller businesses. Most of the workforce is employed by small companies.
  • Find out what new businesses are opening in your area and when they will begin hiring.
  • Target jobs in rapidly expanding fields.
  • Develop a resume

A resume is a brief description of your previous education, work experience, and additional relevant information. The purpose of a resume is:

  • To introduce you to an employer
  • To serve as an example of how you think and express yourself
  • To catalog skills, experience, training and achievements
  • To pursue an interview
  • Prepare for the interview