College Applications

This section is geared for seniors who have completed college searches and have decided on the colleges to which they will apply. If you still need help understanding terminology, conducting searches, and narrowing choices, please see your school counselor.

Herndon High School’s CEEB code is 471065


Almost all colleges post applications online and prefer to receive the applications electronically. Students will create a username and password at each college website and then will be able to save and edit their application prior to submitting it. Students are advised to make sure the application is completed carefully and accurately; thorough editing is recommended. It is the student’s responsibility to submit the completed application to the college before the deadline posted on the college’s website. The student is responsible for any fees associated with the application. (Students who have used a fee waiver for the ACT or SAT may ask their counselor about the potential waiver of application fees on a limited number of applications.)

Most colleges provide an “application checklist” on their website. It is important for students to refer to this information to ensure that the application will be complete by the deadline.

Meeting with College Representatives

College representatives visit Herndon School from mid-September through November.  These visits provide an opportunity for you to find out more about a college than is available on the college’s website or that is available on Family Connections. At this college rep sessions, students have the ability to ask questions and have an opportunity to meet the person who will read their applications in the future. Representatives inform students about the school's admissions process and deadlines, campus life, housing, majors available and scholarships.  For additional information on college visits log onto Family Connection and click on the 'Colleges' tab.


Many college applications provide an option for students to write a Personal Statement or to write an essay. Some colleges require one or more specific essays to be written. If an essay/statement is optional, it is advisable for students to provide one. Essays and statements should always be edited carefully, adhere to the topic requested, and be no longer than requested. Most electronic applications will allow a student to “paste” the essay from a word document. Be careful not to paste the wrong essay into the space provided!

Seniors will be working on college essays in their English 12 classes. Helpful Resources: