Mental Health

No-cost mental health teletherapy is now available for all high school students

Students have many experiences throughout high school that can result in a variety of emotions that range from happy and rewarding to sad and traumatic.  Herndon High School cares about the well-being of every student. At times when emotions become overwhelming or difficult to handle, we encourage students to seek help whether it be for themselves or a friend. Parents/guardians and teachers can also support students by familiarizing themselves with signs and symptoms of emotional distress and acknowledging that any student can experience distress at one time or another.

Herndon Student Services department consists of school counselors, school psychologists, and social workers all of whom are available for students while at school. Parents and guardians are welcome to contact the Student Services staff members when they have concerns about their students, but when students aren’t in school and families need help we offer the resources below.

Mental Health and Resiliency

  • Discover the foundation for building solid mental health and resiliency.
  • View mental health resources and emergency services information. 
  • View tips on building resiliency

Student Wellness Tips and Strategies

Feeling super stressed? Worried about a friend's mental health - or your own? Get tips to manage your emotions and see what to do if you are in crisis.

  • How to handle peer pressure.
  • How to help a friend in crisis.
  • Quick tips to lift your mood. 
  • Ways to bring balance to your life. 
  • Tips to ease anxiety.
  • And much more.

If you or someone you care about is in crisis, take action

Your friend will thank you later

Try these tips for supporting a friend or family member: