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Herndon High School is continually striving to create an environment and culture where all students experience success, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Within this framework, students are encouraged to develop academic proficiencies, pursue their goals and dreams, and gain real world experience and to strengthen their community.  We offer a rigorous, relevant, interesting list of courses, that include but are not limited to Advance Placements, Honors, Career & Technical, and Fine Arts. To get a better sense of our offerings, please click on the link below for our department page or the HHS online course catalog.

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FCPS is committed to consistent grading regulation and practices where grades are an accurate reflection of student learning.


Requirements for graduation differ depending on the year the student entered high school for the first time.

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FCPS Academies 

A high school academy is a center within an existing high school that offers advanced technical and specialized courses that successfully integrate career and academic preparation.

Enrollments in the Academy elective course offerings will provide students with career and academic preparation for postsecondary education and/or career fields. Students enrolling in Academy elective courses will be provided with opportunities to participate in a variety of career experiences including shadowing, mentoring, and/or internships with local businesses.

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