SOL, AP & Final Exams

SOL Testing

Spring SOL testing will be May 30-June 6. Students will receive test passes detailing their exact testing times and locations the week before testing.  The SOL schedule and electronic device policies are attached to message.  Please review them carefully with your student.  Students must arrive at school on time and prepared to test.  Students are expected to be in school for the full day when they have an SOL test.  They must bring a photo ID, pencils and their test pass to testing.  Backpacks, electronic devices and cell phones are not permitted in the testing room.  We advise that cell phones be left at home because they are not allowed in the test room.  

SOL Testing and Cell Phone Policies

The expectation of Herndon High School is that every student will take and pass the SOL test associated with any class in which the student is currently enrolled. If the student does not pass the SOL the first time and is eligible for an expedited retake, the student is expected to retest before the end of the testing window.

Absent Students

Students who are absent from their SOL due to illness or family emergency will be rescheduled to test as soon as time and space permits. Students should return to Herndon prepared to take their missed SOL tests.

Expedited Retake Eligibility

Senior (Term Graduates) – Seniors are automatically eligible for an expedited retake regardless of non-passing score and may have a 3rd attempt if passing the test is necessary for graduation or for a particular diploma. Third attempts must be approved by the Office of Student Testing.

Underclass Students – Underclass students are automatically eligible for an expedited retake with a score of 375 and above. Underclass students with a score below 375 may receive an expedited retake for extenuating circumstances if approved by both Herndon High School and the Office of Student Testing. Remediation will be provided by each department for qualifying students before the retake exam.

Test Completion

Students may have as much time as they need to complete an SOL test as long as they are actively working on the test. All tests must be completed within the school day.

Cell Phone & Electronic Device Policy

Students are not permitted to have cell phones or electronic devices in their possession during testing and should make arrangements to secure them appropriately before testing. Students who are found with an electronic device, even if turned off, during testing or whose device makes noise during testing will not be permitted to finish testing and will not receive a score.

SOL Reminders for Students

  • Students should get a good night's sleep and eat breakfast/lunch before the test.
  • Students should not bring backpacks or electronic devices (including cell phones) into the testing room.
  • Students should bring pencils and a picture ID to the test. Calculators will be provided.


Megan Bieleski Assessment Coach 703-810-2473

AP Testing 2017

The fee for a student taking an AP exam who is not enrolled in the class is $100 paid by check to Herndon High School.  The deadline to register is March 1st.  Herndon High will only register students if there is adequate space in the testing room. 

Contact for further information:

Betsy Bosworth ekbosworth@fcps.edu 703-810-2302

Nile Shaikh nmshaikh@fcps.edu 703-810-2307

AP Exam Registration Via College Board

The AP exam dates for 2017 have been released by College Board.

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) and Herndon High School have no control over the exam dates and times. They are set annually by College Board and cannot be changed. Late testing is not permitted unless approved by College Board. Please visit the following website for College Board-approved late testing policies:http://professionals.collegeboard.com/testing/ap/coordinate/late

Therefore, we ask that you plan accordingly around the AP exam dates. Please do not schedule family vacations or other important events or appointments during AP testing. Your child must take the exam on the date set by College Board, and Herndon High School orders exams based on your child's enrollment in the AP course.

If you have a homeschooled student, or a student who would like to take an AP exam that is not enrolled in the course, the deadline to notify Herndon High School is Friday, March 4th, 2016. The exam fee is $100 per exam made payable by cash or check made out to Herndon High School.

Contact AP Exam Coordinators for further information:

Betsy Bosworth ekbosworth@fcps.edu 703-810-2302

Nile Shaikh nmshaikh@fcps.edu 703-810-2307

SAT Prep

HHS is proud to offer all students free customized SAT prep easily accessible through Blackboard. The program is accessibel 24-7. This program is proven to be effective and involves personalized pacing and lessons as well as tow full-length practice, timed SAT tests. SAT scores are very important for college admission. This is a valuable opportunity for our juniors and seniors to prepare for the SAT test and for our underclassman to prepare for the PSAT.

To access:

  1. Logon to Blackboard
  2. Click on Family Connection
  3. On your Family Connection homepage, click on Method Test Prep