A Fluffy Solution to COVID Loneliness!

By Lucas Menendez-Hassel, Stinger Staff Writer
The Stinger
November 13, 2020
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COVID-19 has led to many surprises throughout the year of 2020. The lockdown has made many people lonely, bored, and depressed. So what’s a solution? A new furry friend! Dogs are known as being, “a man's best friend.” They are sweet, loving, and friendly animals, but why during this period of time is the demand so high?

As early as March, people from all around the country have been wanting dogs. So, dogs were being purchased, adopted, and rescued so quickly. The demand is so high, that people

have to be on waitlists for months at a time, some lists even go until 2021. This is hard for future dog owners, some people are more patient than others, but with the pandemic it seems like everybody is a little bit more on edge.

I know just how this feels. After years of begging my dad for a dog, he finally agreed. My dad is not the kind of person to change his mind about these kinds of things, so I was shocked. I believe that COVID-19 was a big factor in getting the dog. We started the process around April, contacting breeders about availability. We needed a purebred dog because my brother has allergies. This made it all more difficult, as now we had a much smaller range of dogs to choose from. We were put on many lists, some going until spring 2021! The whole time I would always be asking my dad if we got a dog reserved or, “when are we getting the dog?” It’s almost like a game, whoever contacts for the dog quickest gets it. Luckily for me, we got a dog for fall 2020.

Now you may be asking, why now? I believe the rise of dog adoption was all due to the fact of pandemic-induced loneliness.  During the beginning of the pandemic we were all ordered to stay at home in lockdown. Many adults were also ordered to work at home. This being said a new puppy is just the solution to make up for the sadness. They are a great source of company, sure to keep the family entertained.

Dogs are energetic, fun, and exciting, They will bring a new burst of energy into your life. What do you think, are dogs the solution to COVID-19 loneliness?

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