Hornet Highlights

By Dr. Noto
October 12, 2017

Welcome to another edition of the Hornet Highlights!Dr. Noto Principal

Welcome to another edition of the Hornet Highlights! Throughout my travels each week, I always seem to find some great things going on both in and around Herndon High School. Here’s a look at what has been happening in classes, in competition, and in the lives of our students and staff over the last couple of weeks. Beginning next week, we’ll go back to a weekly Hornet Highlights message. I hope you enjoy!

                                            Sincerely, Liz Noto

Best Buddies has been hard at work! On September 16th, Best Buddies student leaders represented Herndon High School at the Best Buddies Capital Region Local Leadership Training Day in Falls Church. On September 29th, buddy pairs were revealed during the annual Match Day. Two separate fundraising opportunities also took place, bringing over $800 to this amazing club. Keep up the great work!Homecoming festivities have begun! Today we sport our creative outfits in honor of Tacky Tourist Day and Friday is, of course, our Class Color Day. This is all thanks to the dedication and hard work of our Leadership class. Here they are in this photo preparing posters for this week’s Spirit Week. We hope to see you at the Bonfire on Friday and the Parade, the Football gave versus McLean High School, and the Dance on Saturday

Last week marked the final regular season home game for our Field Hockey team. Here, our senior players and their parents pose for one last picture to commemorate the end of a season and the conclusion of High School Field Hockey after the Senior Night celebration. We wish our ladies well in their future endeavors

The Herndon High School Dance Team posed for a photo at the end of their halftime show at the Varsity Football game against Falls Church. These ladies put in countless hours throughout the school year to make this team a success. The team has been hard at work preparing for their regular event appearances as well as for their Nationals competition that will be held in February at Disney. Way to go, Team!

There’s always something fun happening at STEM Club. Last week, students filled plastic bags with water and jabbed pencils through the bags to demonstrate the properties of polymers. In this photo, several pencils were stabbed into the bag of water, but no water leaked out. That’s because polymers have long chains of flexible molecules that seal around the pencil in the bag. What an amazing lesson!

Instructional Assistant, Mr. John Gum arrived to school last week with a couple of new creations. Mr. Gum made new bathroom passes for his colleagues by hand. He shows off one pass that was made out of a cool piece of wood for Mrs. Cornish, complete with an apple. Thank you to Mr. Gum for thinking of his colleagues during his spare time!

The senior year for our Class of 2018 Hornets is underway! Last week, the 12th graders headed to the stadium for the much anticipated senior panoramic. Student groups dressed alike and prepared to leave one more mark at Herndon High School. The chaos of getting more than 400 students is short-lived, and the memory will be spectacular. Congratulations on another senior year milestone!

Gold Award recipient Amelia is pictured here after years of work through the Girl Scouts has paid off. Amelia not only worked to support students in math through a math application club, but she is also the president of the STEM club and an administrative intern for the Herndon admin team. Teachers can look forward to her launch of a new copier support program. Way to go, Amelia!

This is no ordinary copier. This is the latest and most appreciated arrival to the Teacher Workroom in our new administrative trailer in the Hornet’s Nest. Teachers have long awaited the arrival of a heavy-duty copier outside and have been dealing with frequent jams and other difficulties with the limited resources that did exist for them. We are so happy to have been able to accommodate our outside staff at last!

Math teacher Becky Henry found this gem while tidying up last week. Here she is holding up an old list of proposed senior privileges. On the list are many creative ideas. The proposal that takes the cake? A request for a smoking area for seniors. Says that former senior class representative, “We realize that this is unreasonable, however, we feel it is our duty to ask on behalf of our classmates.”

Homecoming proposals are well on their way! Students have been caught in hallways and around school asking their significant others to the dance. You can spot a proposal once the cheers erupt from friends who were in on the secret. The Homecoming Dance will take place this Saturday from 8:00 pm until 11:00 pm at Herndon High School. Tickets are $30 and are sold at all lunches.

Powderpuff football game took place last night at the stadium. Juniors faced off with seniors in an almost no-scoring match. The seniors pulled out a last-minute touchdown, defeating the juniors 6-0. Senior team coach and Herndon counselor, Mr. Kim noted he would have had much less heartburn had the team scored earlier in the game. Congratulations, Seniors!

In honor of International Walk to School day, Spanish Teacher Mr. Shea escorted his daughter to school before heading to Herndon High School for the day. Here he is with his skateboard after his arrival. Mr. Shea says he needed the skateboard because he didn’t think he could get from his daughter’s school to Herndon fast enough by walking. He just earned some serious “cool” points.

On Friday, the Hornet’s Nest was without power for half of the day. The transformer that feeds into the trailers malfunctioned and had to be completely replaced. Dominion Energy was on the scene for hours to repair the issue. We are so thankful for their help! Classes continued until power was restored around noon. Thank you to our teachers for carrying on!