Senior Spotlight - Judith Velasquez

By Judith Velasquez
May 19, 2020
Judith Velasquez
Judith Velasquez

1) What has been your biggest disappointment/hardship since schools have been closed for the remainder of the academic year?

My biggest disappointment has been not being able to finish senior year memories.

2) What are your plans for the fall?

I will be attending Hood College in Fredrick, Maryland, to pursue nursing.

3) How have your plans changed, if at all?

My plans have not changed since I committed to Hood in late December due to the program requirements.

4) What have you learned about yourself since the COVID-19 closures?

I have learned to value those around you and do what you are most passionate about because you never know when life can turn things around.

5) What is your passion? 

My passion is to help those in need, which is why I will pursue nursing so I can help those who lack medical attention.

6) Have you discovered a new passion in light of social distancing?

Not really, my life hasn’t changed much other than that I don’t go to school physically and I wear a mask whenever I go out.

7) What are your hopes for the future?

To work as a nurse in a low-income area.

8)  Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?

I am eager to start my new chapter in life. Nursing School.

9) What are you most proud of about your school experience/best memory?

What I am most proud of is all the peers and teachers I met along the way. I went from a little kindergartener who didn’t speak a word of English to a young striving Latina who is ready to pursue her dreams.