Clubs and Activities

A note on Fundraising, Building Use and Field Trips

Fundraising is often used by clubs to support activities, while reducing the individual student's financial burden.  In order to maximize the impact of fundraisers, we attempt to schedule fundraisers in a way that they do not conflict with one another.  Please contact Mr. Frohm in the activities office for fundraising approval.

Building use reservations are currently online at the FCPS website for the community and on Blackboard for HHS Faculty and Staff. Please click the respective link for access.

Field trips enrich the study of classroom instruction, are an integral activity encouraged by Career & Technical Education Student Organizations and other organizations.  It provides students with great opportunities to travel locally, domestically and abroad, further developing content learned in the classroom. For additional information on field trips please click on the link below.

Clubs and Activities


Faculty Sponsor

Class of 2022

Ms. Huffman, Ms. Spies

Class of 2023

Mr. Dacanay, Mrs. Rocci, Mrs. Taylor

Class of 2024

Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Wright

Class of 2025

Ms. Barham, Ms. Wallace

Art Club

Mrs. Morin

Best Buddies

Mrs Fortier, Ms. Bickelman

Broadway Cabaret

Mrs. Van Slyke

Choir / Madrigals

Mrs. Van Slyke

Color Guard Ms Jacoby

Cyber Hornet

Mr. Bedford


Ms. Ricks


Ms. Valverde, Ms. Sotirchos

English Honor Society Ms. Grogan, Ms. Rigsby


Mrs. Spector, Mrs. Palm

Field Hockey



Mr. Fox, Ms. Eckert, Mr. Bedford

French Honor Society Ms Butts
GSA (LGBTQ&ALLIES) Ms. Huffman Mr. Keay

Boys Basketball

Coach Quinlan

Girls Basketball

Coach Edwards

Herndon Writing Center

Ms. Johnson, Ms. Hutton


Ms. Belknap

It’s Academic

Ms. Spies , Mr. Lubinsky

Latin Dance Club Ms. Walker De Llanas

Math Honor Society

Mrs. Alwood, Ms. Henry

Medical Pioneers Dr. Ghashghaee

Model UN

Ms. Ancheta

Music Honor Society Tri-M Ms. Jacoby

Muslim Student Association

Ms. Sawicky, Ms. Corsino

National Art Honor Society

Mrs. Morin

National Honor Society

Ms. Edwards, Ms. Kortan 

Orchestra Club Ms. Devereux


Mr. Barber


Ms. Page

Girls Softball Ms. MaGee

Stem Club

Mrs. Roche-Lynch, Mr. Hutton

The Stinger (newspaper) Ms. Crosson
Student Book Club Ms Dare

Swim and Dive

Coach McLaughlin

Thespians and Drama Club

Mr. Pafumi

Virginia Star

Mr. Jenczewski

Young Republicans

Mr. Brown

Young Democrats

Mrs. Jones