SOL, AP & Final Exams

Page last updated March 2022

SOL Testing

Students will be scheduled for the Spring Non-Writing SOL tests in April and May 2022. Students will receive a message via their FCPS Google email with their SOL testing schedule and other important information when it becomes available. Space and time are limited. Students must bring a picture ID, a few writing utensils, and their school laptop on each testing date.

Testing Schedule



Tuesday, 4/26/2022-Thursday, 4/28/2022

SOLs tests for seniors (1st attempts)

Tuesday, 5/3/2022

Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science

Friday, 5/6/2022

World History 1, World History 2, and US/VA History

Monday, 5/9/2022


Thursday, 5/12/2022

Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry

Week of 5/16/2022


Week of 5/23/2022

Expedited retakes


Last day of SOL testing

Students, who have an AP exam conflict on their scheduled SOL test, will complete their SOL test on a different day.

Absent Students

Students who are absent from their SOL due to illness or family emergency will be rescheduled to test as soon as time and space permits. Students should return to Herndon prepared to take their missed SOL tests.

Expedited Retake Eligibility

Senior (Term Graduates) – Seniors are automatically eligible for an expedited retake regardless of non-passing score and may have a 3rd attempt if passing the test is necessary for graduation or for a particular diploma. Third attempts must be approved by the Office of Assessment and Reporting.

Underclass Students – Underclass students are automatically eligible for an expedited retake with a score of 375 and above. Underclass students with a score below 375 may receive an expedited retake for extenuating circumstances if approved by both Herndon High School and the Office of Assessment and Reporting. Remediation will be provided by each department for qualifying students before the retake exam.

Test Completion

Students may have as much time as they need to complete a SOL test as long as they are actively working on the test. All tests must be completed within the school day.

Cell Phone & Electronic Device Policy

Students are not permitted to have cell phones or electronic devices in their possession during testing and should make arrangements to secure them appropriately before testing. Students who are found with an electronic device, even if turned off, during testing or whose device makes noise during testing will not be permitted to finish testing and will not receive a score.

SOL Reminders for Students

  • Students should get a good night's sleep and eat breakfast/lunch before the test.
  • Students should not bring backpacks or electronic devices (including cell phones) into the testing room.
  • Students should bring pencils and a picture ID to the test. Calculators will be provided.


Alisa Shreve Assessment Coach 703-810-2473