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The Herndon Writing Center

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What is the Herndon Writing Center?

The Herndon Writing Center is a student-run, teacher-directed peer tutoring service where Herndon High School students can work on their writing with a friendly, professional, trained peer tutor. Whether you're trying to draft a strong thesis statement, working on revising a nearly-finished essay, or you're getting ready to submit your college essay, we're here for you! 

Where can I find the Writing Center?

Come visit us in room QD7C during the following times:


  • Monday: All Lunches
  • Tuesday: All Lunches
  • Wednesday: All Lunches
  • Thursday: All Lunches and After School

To book an appointment or learn more, visit our site below. (Please refer to this announcement for booking appointments for the April-June 2020 school year.)

Writing Center website

Questions or suggestions? Contact Ms. Hutton (@email) or Ms. Schmit (@email).

Happy writing!

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We are proud members of the Secondary School Writing Centers Association.