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The Herndon Writing Center

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What is the Herndon Writing Center?

The Herndon Writing Center (HWC) is a student-run, teacher-directed space where students can conference with a highly-trained and friendly peer tutor over any piece of writing- school-related or personal. Our tutors specialize in tutoring writing in all subject areas. Whether you would like some extra help formulating your thesis in your English essay, or you need extra guidance on how to properly formulate your Chemistry lab report, or you just want someone else to look over an assignment with you before you turn it in, the HWC is here to help!


When is the HWC open and where is it located?

The HWC is open for tutoring during all lunches Monday-Thursday and after school on Thursdays beginning in early October. We are located in room 217.


How do I sign up?

Sign-up sheets are available outside of room 217 We recommend that you sign up in advance to guarantee a spot during your lunch period or after school; however, you can also always stop by to see if we have tutoring sessions available that day.  

What should I bring with me?

  • A copy of the directions or the prompt for the assignment you will be working on.

  • The work that you’ve done on your assignment. Whether you’re just in the early stages of planning or you’ve written numerous drafts, we are here to help you at any stage of the writing process.

  • A pen or pencil.

  • We have computers available for students whose writing is on GoogleDocs or other digital platforms.


Can I bring my lunch?

Absolutely! If you are purchasing your lunch, please try to do so as quickly as possible so that you can maximize your time with your tutor. You’re also welcome to a delicious piece of candy after you have completed your tutoring session.


The HWC Online

For the most current information about the Herndon Writing Center and all that we offer, check our website: herndonwritingcenter.weebly.com


Follow us on Twitter: @HWCHerndon

Questions or suggestions? Contact Ms. Hutton (kghutton@fcps.edu) or Ms. Schmit (kmschmit@fcps.edu). Happy writing!

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