Teacher Advisory

Herndon High School has an embedded TA period where students and teachers work together to build positive relationships , focus on achievement and success and complete PBIS character education activities.

What is Teacher Advisory?

The objective of Teacher Advisory (TA) is for students and teachers to gain a sense of community and build positive realationships.   Students will stay with their Teacher Advisory teacher and classmatess throughout their academic career at HHS.

When is Teacher Advisory?

TA takes place during the first 43 minutes of designated Black (even) calendar days.

What are the expectations for Teacher Advisory?

  • Attendance is taken each day -- students are expected to report to class by 9:44 a.m. unless directed otherwise for special programming.  The same attendance expectations exist for Teacher Advisory as they do for all academic classes.
  • Students are expected to remain in TA for the duration of the class time.   There is no movement around the building during this time.

What will I do in Teacher Advisory?

  • Hornet P.R.I.D.E. lessons which provide engaging dialogue surrounding our Kids at Hope beliefs and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, will be taught on a rotating basis.
  • TA will be utilized for many school-wide or grade level specific programs (such as class meetings, surveys, SR&R, Impact Aid, etc.)
  • Teachers will support and monitor students' academic progress and goal setting on a quarterly basis through conferencing.
  • Students and staff will be given the opportunity to recite the Kids at Hope and Treasure Hunter pledges after the Pledge of Allegiance on Black Days.