College Planning Checklist for Sophomores

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The Plan

  • Review your 9th and 10th grade classes with your family and your school counselor to make sure you are taking all the preparatory courses required for admission to college.
  • Do your best in school.  If you need it, get extra help from a teacher or tutor.
  • Continue to explore and participate in new extracurricular activities.  If you haven't done so already, begin doing community service.  Not only do colleges view community out reach positively, but you can also work towards earning a Civics Seal and Service Cord.
  • Begin visiting nearby colleges and universities that interest you with your family and friends.
  • Research colleges by visiting college websites, using Family Connections, visiting the Career Center and talking with family and friends about their colleges.  Don't worry if the colleges you like best seem expensive.  You may be eligible for financial aid to help you with college costs.
  • Take the PSAT.  Taking it in 10th grade is good practice for taking it in 11th grade.  A good score in 11th grade may enable you to qualify for many scholarships.