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Class Council Rules and Regulations

Class Council members will not hold a specific office, but instead be members of a class executive council. The executive council model would follow a model of collaborative leadership in which students share the responsibility and leadership roles on the basis of the tasks to be completed. Each Class Council will consist of between five and eight members, and all applicants must interview with their class sponsors and their grade-level administrator.

Students must have the following requirements for candidacy:

  • Complete application and interview with class co-sponsors and class administrator
  • Have and maintain a 3.0 GPA with no Fs
    • Students would be placed on probation after one F, with no other Fs allowed
  • Class co-sponsors will directly solicit recommendations/feedback from all seven teachers

Students who fail to meet these standards will not be permitted to hold office and/or will be removed from the class council.

Approximate Time Commitment:

  • Homecoming Float (20-25 hours)
  • Fundraising (10-15 hours per quarter)
  • T-Shirt distribution (10 hours)
  • Other tasks as assigned by administrator

Freshman Council Election Process

  • Each class has a student governing body (8 - 10 students) that leads the class throughout the year.
  • Applications available in cafeteria, outside Red Office beginning 9/5 - due date: 9/8
  • Interviews with class sponsors/AP during Stinger 9/13, 9/15
  • Notification: 9/19