What is Dual Enrollment English 12?

  • Dual Enrollment English 12 is a college-level first year writing course. Students enroll at Northern Virginia Community College.
  • Students enroll in and earn college credit for English 111 and English 112.
    • English 111 focuses on expository writing and composition.
    • English 112 focuses on argumentative writing and composition.
  • The goal of the course is to teach you to write at the college level AND to teach you how to “do college” within the safety net of a high school setting.
  • You earn a total of six college credits that automatically transfer to whichever college you attend.

Course Outline

English 111 (Fall)

  • Essential Questions 
    • What does it mean to be educated? 
    • Why do we think what we think?
    • How can we examine social issues from objective viewpoints?
  • Writing Projects
    • Learning Narrative
    • College Essay
    • Socratic Seminar on Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
    • "How To" Video (Process)
    • Annotated Bibliography
    • Research Outline
    • Compare or Contrast Research Essay

English 112 (Spring)

  • Essential Questions 
    • What is culture?
    • How do people come to have different views of society?
    • How can we effectively present an argument about a social issue?
  • Writing Projects
    • Example Presentations (Advertising)
    • Literary Analysis (Past novels: Homegoing, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) 
    • Socratic Seminar on selected essays about popular movies and television shows
    • Podcasts
    • Research Outline
    • Argument Research Essay 
    • Satire

Who Should Take Dual Enrollment English 12?

  • Students who are planning to go to college
  • Students who are responsible and self-motivated
  • Students who are interested in developing skills related to writing, studying, and self-advocacy that will help them to succeed at the college level 
  • Students who are interested in earning college credit before enrolling in college

Questions? Contact Ms. Hutton

What do Former DE Eng 12 Students Have to Say About the Course? 

  • [I learned to] “pay attention and listen to other people. I've had some of these people in my classes to varying degrees throughout the years. Some of them I had in AP and honors classes, some of them in normal but either way I didn't really pay too much attention to them. Being in DE presented them in a different light. I got to hear their personal experiences in life, how they interpret things that I've read differently and what we agree on.” 
  • “I actually really enjoyed this class and I think my writing skills improved a lot. Before this class I was not a confident writer. I feel much more prepared for college.”
  • “I believe learning how to be a proactive college student has been my biggest improvement. This course taught me how college courses tend to work with rubrics and assignments.”
  • “I didn't realize how much time and money has been saved as I've taken these required courses in high school and feel ahead for college. I also really appreciated working on our college essays in class because it helped me write it to make it as strong as possible for admissions and a class assignment. “
  • “Do not drop out! It can get challenging but it's worth it! 100%”