Freshman Class


Welcome to Herndon High School, the home of the 'Fighting Hornets'.  We hope you are excited about beginning your first year of high school.  HHS is a Kids at Hope school, where we believe that, "All Hornets are Capable of Success, No Exceptions!"  The three pillars of the Kids at Hope framework are that we believe in students, we connect with students and we help students "time travel", or see their futures in four destinations (Home & Family, Education & Career, Hobbies & Recreation, and Community Service).  Our overarching goal as a school is to form positive and lasting relationships with all of you, as well as to help you achieve your academic and not academic goals.  We strive to prepare you for life post-high school and know how important it is for all of us to foster your skills of creative and critical thinking, resiliency and global citizenship.  Relationship building is a two way street, and we sincerely encourage you to get to know your teachers, school counselors, administrators, and all school support staff; we are all here to help you thrive and have a wonderful high school experience. 

Freshman Class Contacts

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Freshman Class Council

Applications for Freshman Class Council are now being accepted. Please submit your applications by Friday, June 29th to Mr. Hannon at @email.